Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s windows breathes the winds of change

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There have been a great number of rumors floating around about Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) taking-over the Finnish handset maker, Nokia. But that doesn’t really seem like a possibility at this stage. The future of Windows phones is now looking a shade brighter and the need for MSFT to acquire Nokia is not as pressing as it seemed a while ago.

No doubt, there was a time when a deal such as this made perfect sense. Windows was nothing more than an emerging OS and had all but planed. Nokia was the one partner who had stood steadfastly by its side, through thick and thin so to say and MSFT needed to make sure that the company would continue being committed to the OS. At that time, probably the only way to ensure that was to acquire the company.

The popularity game

But things have changed and today, Windows operated smartphones are the fastest movers. Over the past 3 quarters that ended in 2013 April, Windows raked in 5.6% of smartphone sales in the United States. This is an increase from the 3.8% that it stood at in 2012 April. Another fact is that The Windows OS is quite popular amongst 1st time smartphone users.

Studies have shown that of all the buyers who bought smartphones in 2012, 52 percent had transitioned from a basic feature phone. Over 50% of the U.S market still uses feature phones and a large percentage of that are expected to switch to smartphones in 2013. By the looks of it, Windows is in a win-win situation.

New allies for new force

There is no doubt whatsoever that NOK is the dominant player in the Windows landscape today. However, in the long term, Chinese handset manufacturers are expected to take the OS to new heights. MSFT already has some relationships set with ZTE and Huawei in mobile and in the PC space it has partnerships with Lenovo. All these companies will add muscle to Microsoft’s power and help it put up a strong offensive to Apple and Samsung.

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