Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Xbox One- when business is about a game, Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE)

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At the company’s E3 press briefing, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) unveiled an impressive line-up of Xbox One blockbuster games. Some of the very celebrated and innovative studios on the globe have tied up with Microsoft Studios in this endeavor.  Companies such as 343 Industries, Turn 10 Studios, Crytek, DICE, Remedy, Capcom and Insomniac Games and support from almost every big industry publisher will ensure that MSFT keeps launching new and exclusive titles in the future.

In the gaming ring

There is no concept of “constant” in the online gaming industry and the competition is a cut-throat one. This year two giants will draw out their gaming swords. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Xbox One and Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE)’s PlayStation 4. Nintendo had launched its Wii U last November, but hasn’t been able to push numbers yet. Its sales have touched only 3.45M units in its financial year that ended 31 March.  Its predecessor had beaten both its rivals, hands-down in unit sales, but the new console hasn’t been able to make the cut. With Xbox One and PS4 now in the fray, Nintendo sales don’t seem to headed anywhere north.

Let the games begin

Consoles provide people the game experience. Prior to the 3rd generation PlayStation consoles, SNE held a 70percent share in the gaming market. Xbox 360’s was a stupendous success as Microsoft Corporation was able to forge partnerships with publishers such as Activision and EA. Sony Corporation was pretty slow with entering 7th gaming generation and the rival product got an entire year to make its mark and develop a following amongst hardcore gamers.  This just goes to prove that irrespective of whether you are a shark in the ocean or not, grabbing the biggest share is about being there at the opportune moment and strategy is everything.

In addition to that, Sony’s introductory prices were on the higher side which definitely was a negative for the PS3. Xbox and Wii also later went ahead and reduced prices while the PS3 wanted to be high and mighty.  MSFT eventually offered stripped-down variants of its console, with a lower memory at a very attractive price. When a game turns into a war, companies will try every trick in their book to run further and faster.

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