Microvision, Inc. (NASDAQ:MVIS) Gains From Sony Vote Of Confidence

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The $90.76 million market capped diversified electronics component manufacturer Microvision, Inc. (NASDAQ:MVIS) has been posting three digit gains at the browsers consistently over the past three months. In the past quarter, it has gained 123 percent, where as in the past one month, it has gone up by 111 percent. These gains in the past week were topped by an impressive 106 percent on the back of announcement by the Japanese electronics IT giant Sony Corporation that it would soon launch the commercial launch of a pocket sized projector which would be powered by a laser produced by a semiconductor component called “Micro Electro Mechanical Systems mirror” which was designed and developed by MicroVision (MVIS) using its proprietary PicoP technology.

New Age Projector

The newly launched projector would be able to project images stored in varied formats and can be accessed from sources, like a smart phone, pen drive or a cloud based application via the internet. The Sony Corp statement was quoted to have explained that, “By combining this module with Wi-Fi components and a battery, it can realize a compact, pocket-sized projector which can be used to project images from products such as smart phones or tablets, focus-free and in even higher resolution, on any flat or curved surface such as a wall or desk. The unit is driven by drivers, and a video processor to control the video signal processing and image output.”

Beginning Of Good Times

On the back of this latest development, which predicts a steady and growing revenue stream for the small capped specialized electronic component manufacturer from a globally recognized leader in the manufacture of cutting edge digital and electronic devices has led to the investment community betting big on this stock over the long term. This bullishness is based on the fact that the firm would be able to find new customers by leveraging its Sony success story.

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