Mixed earnings for the technology stock market

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Today has definitely been a mixed day in the stock market especially when it came to the technology stock market as some companies experienced an improvement and other companies experienced a serious decline. Samsung shocked everyone when their stocks decreased by 3% despite their high profits in the fourth quarter. Samsung experienced a 76% in their profit due to the extremely high sales of their Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy note. According to reports, galaxy smartphones outsold iPhone for the last four quarters. Apple on the other hand has been experiencing a serious decline in the value of their shares for almost a week now. Stock market experts are predicting that Samsung will be able to regain their losses during the trading process next week.

Microsoft ended up slightly lowers that expected. This was mainly due to the company announcing that there was a decreasing in their earnings during the last second quarter. When it comes to Microsoft, there are some questions that are unanswered until now and this involves how well is the new operating system really doing. Even though the company announced their profit, they didn’t disclose any figures about how well the operating system ended up selling. Their latest version, Microsoft 8, has been receiving mixed reviews where some customers have been satisfied with it and others have complained about it being slow or not consisting of features that expected would have been there.

This was definitely a great day for Netflix shares where they topped $150. Stock shares for the rental giant ended up closing at a very high level and increased by $7. This seems to be very modest if you compare it to the $43 increase in their shares over the last few months. The company was definitely on the verge of losing their market position when they announced that they are planning to impose higher fees on customers. However, the company withdrew their position after outrage from the public where many of them threatened to stop using their services. Netflix is the number one company in the USA when it comes to streaming or downloading online shows or movies.

Stocks of Facebook were somewhat stable today after the CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, announced yesterday that he is planning to donate a large amount of the company’s earnings to charity. Facebook has definitely been in the news for a long time now especially with them blocking new applications and changing their security and privacy settings.

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