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The application first started with someone wanting to share how he met the love of his life. BeCouply is a new application that hit the Apple store and it is already predicted that it will be amongst the highest sellers. Not only does this application track how well your relation is doing, but it will provides you with suggestions for date night and teaches you how to fix a problem that arises in your relationship.

The application was created by Pius Uzamere, a programmer that graduated from MIT. He said the idea first came to him when he can never find anything interesting to do with this girlfriend or understand how well their relationship is going. He even said that it got to a point where they would only go to the same restaurant every date night and this affected their relationship because they were always bored.

For now, the application is doing great with companies such as Ford already competing to publish their ads on it. The application wasn’t first created for sale, he first created it for his girlfriend and she was the one who convinced him to place it on the iTunes store. When the application was accepted, he said he didn’t expect that it would lead to all these sales and become very popular.

The application works by providing suggestions for date nights depending on the day, budget, and theme you are interested in. You definitely don’t have to worry if you don’t have enough money to take your girlfriend on a romantic date because the application will find you a place that is suitable for your budget. The application will instantly find you the place you are looking for whether it is a nightclub, restaurant, or even a comedy show. Even though most of these places will be close to you, you will be provided with a map for directions. You definitely don’t want to waste of any time getting lost during your date night.   It also has a scrapbook that enables you to take pictures and write noted about your relationship. At the end of every month, you can take a look at these pictures and remember all the great time you had previously.

Even though the application is completely free, we already see a lot of great opportunities for generating revenue from ads,” Uzamere says. The main advertiser for now will be Ford but no one knows who the other advertisers will be.

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