Newark Mayor won’t end up challenging Christie, exploring U.S. Senate instead

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Newark Mayor Booker has decided not to challenge Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie during the gubernatorial races that will take place next year. Booker announced his decision after exploring several other positions such as running for the U.S. Senate. If he wins, Booker will end up replacing Democrat Frank Lautenberg after his term ends next year. Lautenberg, who turns 89 end of January, is currently the oldest serving senator and he has expressed several times that there are no plans to run for the same position again.

“There shouldn’t be any type of doubt right now; I am dedicated to complete my term as your mayor. After this term is done, I will begin exploring other possibilities such as running for the Senate next year,” Mayor Booker informed everyone in New Jersey’s annual tournament Star-Ledger. “As I begin getting ready for running for the Senate, I am greatly looking forward to speaking with Senator and friend Lautenberg. It would definitely be one of the most honourable privileges to be able to continue his outstanding legacy.”

On the other hand, the approval ratings of Christie were spiked after the way he responded to the Sandy crisis, and the last polls show that Christie is in the lead right now over Booker.

Christie, who is speculated to have aspirations for the White House during 2012, announced that he is interested in becoming the governor of New Jersey as well. New Jersey, Washington, and Virginia are going to be the only three states that are going to hold the gubernatorial contests during next year.

This announcement made by Booker has definitely opened the field for several other Democrats who are interested in becoming the governor of New Jersey such as Barbara Buono and Richard Codey.

This clearly shows that this position will have a lot of competitors especially that every candidate is trying to convince the public using strong statements and actions. For example, Booker released a statement yesterday where he claimed that the first thing he will do if he wins the elections is introduce a crisis bill to the congress. The crisis bill will enable the citizens of the United States to receive monetary compensation for anything they lost or got damaged during a crisis, such as the Sandy Storm which left thousands of people without food, money, or shelter. However, citizens of the United States are becoming extremely wary towards these claims, especially that they have heard them all before.

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