Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) knocks-down iPhone camera in Lumia ad

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Competition is all about winning by hook or by crook and though there are stringent laws around patents and advertising and marketing campaigns, loopholes still exist and Nokia seems to have managed to squeeze through one of those, with its new Nokia Lumia. The iPhone, with all its razzmatazz has managed to carve a pretty big niche for itself in the smartphone market and it also impresses users with the latest technology and applications. On the other hand, Nokia is just managing to scrape through and is having a tough time with trying to maintain its position in the highly competitive mobile space.

Quality Vs Quantity?

The new Nokia Lumia ad hits out directly at iPhone’s camera. One of Apple’s ad claims that users take more pictures with their iPhone than almost any other camera. Nokia mocked this ad and created a parody of sorts when it said in one of its ad that its products are about quality, not quantity. It seems like a matter of sour grapes and masking their flavor. When you say that quality is what you prioritize, what a company is automatically trying to offset is the fact that on the quantity front, you are just not up to the mark.

A direct hit

The new Nokia ad is a direct take-off on the Apple ad that touts its camera prowess. Just at a point where you start believing that you are watching an Apple ad, the voice over cuts into the illusion and says that Nokia prefers to build quality and not quantity. The company is trying to send across the message that the Apple iPhone pics are nothing more than ordinary when compared to the exceptionally good quality ones that the Lumia 920 takes.

Nokia just loves its new ad concept so much that it uses this new strategy with a great deal of enthusiasm. The only thing left to do now possibly is to add a contemporary-touch to the company’s image that has taken a heavy beating over the past few years.

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