North American Palladium (NASDAQ:PAL) down by 3.13% – DNDN, HIMX

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Northern, WI 04/08/2013 (gdpinsider) – North American Palladium (NASDAQ:PAL) is an industrial metals and minerals manufacturer in Canada, which traded its stocks down by 3.13%, in Friday’s stock market. The company closed the day at $1.55. The company achieved a market cap of 284.93M, with $-0.07 of earnings per share. The profit margins remained low at -7.10%. Of late, the company announced the sale of its gold division, with major changes in its top management that will have a major impact on its share prices in the coming financial quarters.

Himax Technologies (NASDAQ: HIMX), specializing in semiconductor technology and based in Taiwan, yesterday closed at $5.39 at NASDAQ, up by 0.37%. This is a whopping 8.84% growth over its previous close of $5.09. On Friday, the earnings per share were $0.30, achieving a market cap of 939.42M. The company gained a higher selling price for its shares, than its target price of $4.83 yesterday. Simultaneously, the profit margin of this semiconductor specialist was also comfortably good at 6.83%.  As a matter of fact, Himax achieved a share sales price over its 52-week range of $1.47 to $5.49, soaring high on the stock exchange. According to investors, Himax is a small cap company with huge potentials, and that is one reason that makes it  stocks soar high. The company is among the top Dows, making a record in the stock market, as the share prices rise.

Dendreon Corporation (NASDAQ:DNDN) has a specialized business in biotechnology in the United States, with huge growth potentials, as the demand for innovative medicines rise to treat life-threatening and serious health conditions. On NASDAQ Friday, Dendreon traded its stocks down by 3.18%, closing at a rate of $4.57 per share. The company previously closed at $4.72 per share on Thursday. Yesterday, the market cap of Dendreon was 749.47M, whereas the earnings per share were $-2.65. Dendreon targeted a share sell price of $6.21, but closed the day at lower than the target. The rate was far below its 52 week high of $12.21, and gained only a profit margin of -120.91%. Dendreon is among the top five speculative stocks, the market price of which can soar high by 2014.

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