Pfizer Inc (NYSE:PFE) “Amplify”ing benefits of Eliquis

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Pfizer Inc (NYSE:PFE) and Bristol-Myers Squibb said that Eliquis, their blood thinner has met key goals in the study that evaluated the treatment of dangerous clots. This has paved the way for them to seek further regulatory approval. Eliquis is one of a new wave of orally-administered anti-clotting drugs that is supposed to replace warfarin, an older drug.  The use of the latter has proved to be very cumbersome in certain situations. J&J and Bayer’s Xarelto and Boehringer Ingelheim’s Pradaxa are other drugs in this category.

The latest, “Amplify” study data which spanned six months was funded by Pfizer and Bristol-Myers. It examined the drug, Eliquis as a treatment for those suffering from venous thromboembolism, also called VTE. Pfizer and Bristol-Meyers said that Amplify’s data shows that the drug was non-inferior in comparison with the present standard of care in the context of reducing recurrent, VTE-related death or symptomatic VTE.

What is VTE?

Venous thromboembolism or VTE comprises of, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) as well as pulmonary embolism or PE. DVT is when a blood clot forms inside any vein deep inside the leg, and leads to swelling and pain in the leg. Such a blood clot has the potential to grow, break-off and then travel straight to the lungs. This can result in chest pain, shortness of breath and in severe cases, may be the cause of death as well. These clots are called pulmonary emboli.

VTE is a very common as well as preventable complication of hospitalization. If a thromboprophylaxis is not used, VTE is hospital-acquired at the rate of 10–40% post general surgery and 40–60% post hip surgery. It is a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Annually, around 900,000 patients in the U.S and nearly 1M are diagnosed with it, in the EU. Once venous thromboembolism has occurred, around 10% of patients are prone to reoccurrence and can prove to be fatal. Companies such as Pfizer Inc (NYSE:PFE) have been at the fore in the development of drugs that will change the way diseases such as VTE are treated and a great deal hinges on the way the studies like Amplify, finally progress.

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