Popularity for Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) doubles in Canada

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As per a report that has been released recently, Netflix, Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX)’s subscriber base in Canada might have doubled. Media Technology Monitor conducted the research from 6 March to 14 April. The report suggested that around 25% of Anglophone Canadians were now Netflix subscribers. This is a 13% rise from 2012 spring. It is believed that these results are correct give or take a few percentage points.

Typically, close to 84% of the respondents who were Netflix subscribers watched a minimum of one TV show or movie on Netflix every week. Around 8% of the 2,013 adults that were polled said that they had checked-out the service but had decided against it. Just below 50% had ended up using the free trial and never gone onto subscribing for the paid version.

The poll

The main concern that people had for cancelling Netflix was that viewers thought that the service lacked quality content and around 36% said that the variety and fare was not sufficient. Around 28% said that that their usage did not justify the monthly subscription fee that they were paying while 11% felt that the $8.00 fee was too-expensive. In addition, 7% said that they were merely testing the service while 5% people faced technical issues.

More data

Apart from this 3% of people had moved homes and had thus quit the service. The largest number of Netflix users were located in the Western regions. Around 31% of users from Alberta locals and approximately 40% of users who had been polled in the Saskatchewan region said that they were Netflix subscribers. In Edmonton, 37% of users said that they subscribed to the site. This service is quite popular with parents. Around 37% of households who has children below the age of 12 years were Netflix subscribers. Around 1/3rd of polled homes that had teens living in them subscribed to the service.

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