President Obama visits Minneapolis for violence strides

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President Obama is planning to visit Minneapolis to overhaul some of the gun laws there. Minneapolis is one of the states that has the highest rates of crimes and was previously given the nickname “Murder-apolis.” The city is also known for having the worst gang wars during 1990. However, the state has been definitely trying to reduce the amount of gun violence especially during the past years. This has definitely grabbed the attention of the President, who announced that he is planning to visit the state after tomorrow to overhaul some of the gun laws there. Even though Minneapolis is currently stable when it comes to homicides and gun related crimes, city leaders are urging Congress to implement gun laws that are tougher if the President is really trying to decrease the gun violence epidemic that is spreading all over the United States.

“We have already done a lot to ensure our citizens are safe, and we are still determined to do more’’ the Mayor of Minneapolis, said yesterday. The Congress and White House have previously praised Minneapolis several times for the initiatives they took to reduce youth violence. The initiative first started during 2008 and has been very successful ever since. The bipartisan push that took place by all the sheriffs working in Minneapolis also helped. This push involves checking the background of gun buyers along with checking if they have any drug or felony convictions.  The background check also included checking mental health. The United States has been suffering from gun violence for the past few months now and many believe that this is the worst era of violence that the country goes through ever since the 1950s.

President Obama is already trying his best to stop this where he has been going on a tour throughout the country to meet with lawmakers. This tour involves discussions on what could possibly take place to stop this from happening. The Congress is also expected to vote on the new gun laws that President Obama has introduced. These news laws suggest that tougher background checks should be conducted. Even though Congress is planning to vote during the next months, it is predicted that the bill is going to pass especially because there has been a serious outrage from citizens who are urging President Obama to take stricter measures to stop gun violence in the United States. One of the issues that are facing the president right now is trying to convince gun makers to change their policies as well.

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