President Obama’s ratings increase to reach 56%

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President Obama’s ratings are definitely improving especially after the deadly school massacre that took place in Newtown last week. Obama’s approval ratings increased to 56% yesterday, the highest since 2009.

Many believe that this approval is due to Obama’s touching speech where he promised that he will do everything he can to protect children from any type of gun violence. He also cried during the speech, an incident that doesn’t happen a lot among politicans.

Others believe that this approval is completely normal and researchers have named it ‘’flag rally.’’ This effect usually takes place when there is a serious threat that will or has already took place in the United States.

“This approval reflects the effect of Obama’s actions and speech after various tragedies took place, including the President’s speech at the Newtown service and his efforts to reduce gun violence,” senior researcher Gallup added. This also comes after several demands were made by the public to reduce the amount of firearms a citizen can own. Many citizens are even placing the blame on the NRA organization.

Many researchers also believe that Obama’s approval is a result of various negotiations that took place with John Boehner, the house speaker, about the fiscal cliff. It is believed that President Obama handled the negotiations with congressional leaders in a better way that many people expected.

This is currently President Obama’s second term, where he was successful in improving various subjects that the previous president, George Bush, destroyed.  President Obama is believed to have improved everything from the economy, health, and other international affairs.

Comparing to other presidents and polls, this is actually very impressive. Most presidents will face a decrease in their ratings when they are running for elections again such as previous French president, Nicholas Sarkozy.

These results also mean that President Obama has a lot on his hands as well and he needs to do everything he can to maintain these ratings even if this is his last term. With the war going on in Syria and the fiscal cliff problems, many believe that it can be very difficult for the President to keep up with all these subjects.

It was also announced today that John Kerry is going to fill the position of secretary of state instead of Hilary Clinton. This is a move that everyone agrees on whether it is the Republican or Democratic parties. John Kerry is also known for resolving matters especially in the Middle East and has travelled with President Obama several times during the past year.

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