Radian Group Inc (NYSE:RDN) down by 2.07%, Diamond Foods Inc (NASDAQ:DMND)

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Radian Group Inc (NYSE:RDN): In Wednesday’s trading session Radian Group Inc (NYSE:RDN) climbed down by 2.07%. It opened at a price of $14.18 has touched an intraday high of $14.34 and the closing price is $13.70 per share. More than 11.58 million shares exchanged hands in today’s trading session, which stands below the average volume of 8.65 million that was measured over a 30-day period.

DANG is a credit-enhancement company that focuses on domestic, first-lien residential mortgage insurance. It operates in two business segments- financial guaranty mortgage insurance. The mortgage insurance segment provides insurance coverage that is credit-related. This is primarily via private mortgage insurance as well as risk management services to various mortgage-lending institutions. E Commerce China Dangdang Inc (NYSE:DANG)’s financial guaranty segment provides reinsurance and direct insurance on credit-based risks and also on credit protection for different asset classes via credit default swaps and financial guarantees.

Radian Group Inc (NYSE:RDN) competes with Essent Guaranty, CMG Mortgage Insurance Company, Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation, Genworth Financial Inc and United Guaranty Corporation.

Diamond Foods, Inc (NASDAQ:DMND): In Wednesday’s trading session Diamond Foods, Inc (NASDAQ:DMND) climbed up by 0.12%. It opened at a price of $16.12 which touched the intraday high of $16.72, and the closing price was $16.12 per share. More than 0.395 million shares have exchanged hands in today’s trading session, which stands below the average volume of 0.259 million that is measured over a 30-day period.

DMND is a packaged food company that focuses on building, acquisition and the energizing of various brands. Diamond Foods, Inc (NASDAQ:DMND) processes markets and distributes culinary and snack products. It sells its products nationally, regionally and globally.  Its customers are independent drug, grocery and convenience store chains and mass merchandisers. Various club stores and retail channels are also on its customer list. It operates in three product lines: Culinary, snack and Retail Non-retail and In-shell. The products are distributed via production facilities in California, Oregon, Wisconsin, Alabama, Indiana, and Norwich in England. The distribution also takes place from distribution facilities and leased warehouses in California, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Oregon, Ontario in Canada and Snetterton in England.

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