Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. (NASDAQ:RPTP) Announces Updates For Phases-2 & 3 Trials

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The $1.05 billion market capped Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp.(NASDAQ:RPTP) announced on 20th February the updates results from its phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials for its target drug designed to treat Huntington’s Disease. The concurrently running trials which were on for the past one and half years yielded results which indicated substantially slow paced deterioration in their motor  skills in  patients undergoing the treatment with target drug, as compared to those patients who were being treated without the target drug Tetrabenazine.

Phase 2 & 3 Modalities

The trials which are of a three year duration is being conducted by Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. (NASDAQ:RPTP) in association with “Centre Hospitalier Universitaire d’Angers (CHU d’Angers)” involves tests being administered on 96 patients who are suffering from the Huntington’s disease disorder. Of these 96 patients, a total of 89 patients have completed the 18 month investigation for which the results were announced yesterday. The data showed that the patients under the effect of the test drug were seen to undergo a 32 percent slower degradation in their motor skills as against those who were not being treated by the test drug.

Lead Investigator Voices Optimism

Commenting about the progress made in the phase 2 and 3 tests, Dr. Christophe Verny who was the Lead Investigator and is also serving as the Chief of Neurology Department at CHU d’Angers hospital has been quoted to have said that, “We are very encouraged by these trial results and we believe that the significant slowdown of loss of muscle control in these early stage patients indicates that RP103 is potentially effective at slowing the progression of Huntington’s disease. We look forward to working with Raptor to develop and implement a continuing access program so that we can continue to provide RP103 to the patients.”

On the back of the positive news the stock of the drug maker posted a huge 14.8 percent increase in its share price over its previous day close

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