Renren Inc (NYSE:RENN) gearing-up for AGM on 29 Aug 2013

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Renren Inc (NYSE:RENN) is a dominant in the Chinese real name social-networking internet platform segment. The company announced that it will be holding its shareholder AGM on 29 August in Hong Kong. At this meeting, no shareholder approval proposals will be submitted. In place of that, the AGM will offer an open forum platform for beneficial owners and shareholders of RENN’s ADS’s.

The agenda is that the company’s affairs will be discussed by them with the management.

Shareholders as of record date 26 July 2013 will be eligible to attend the AGM or any postponement or adjournment, in person. Beneficial owners of the ADS’ of the company are also welcome to the meeting. Renren Inc (NYSE:RENN) has already filed its annual report on the Form 20-F, with the SEC. This includes its audited-financial statements for the financial year that ended 31 December 2012,

The company

RENN is an operator of real name social networking in China. Via its platform, users are able to connect as well as communicate with each other, watch videos, shop for discounts and deals and access numerous other services and products. The company’s business mainly includes, its primary social-networking site and Renren games, its game operating and development platform. Via this open platform, users can access various 3rd party applications. An open API is used for it.

Users can also share information via the company’s Renren Connect Program and there are more than 2,000 Renren Connect partner-websites to choose from. In addition to these two platforms, the company also operates, the social commerce site and the The latter is a content focused, user generated video-sharing website. As of 31 March 2013, the company had around 184M active users. The company’s ADS each of which represent 3, Class A ordinary-shares, are traded under the RENN symbol on NYSE.

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