Rockefeller’s retirement is now sparking battle over Senate seat

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The retirement of Senator Jay Rockefeller will definitely increase the stakes of the campaign battle that will take place during 2014. However, the Democratic Party are very confident that they will be able to dominate most of the seats, especially the ones representing West Virginia,

Rockefeller, who is now 75 years old, announced yesterday that he isn’t planning to enter the elections that will take place next year and that five times in this position is more than enough. Keep in mind that the senator has also been a governor for two times previously. He said this decision was a result of him wanting to spend more time with his wife and other family member.

Shelley Moore, a republican who was a strong part of the senate since 2001, is now thinking of running for this position and she called interesting and new. Rockefeller decision makes Moore one of the most important candidates for this position.

West Virginia is one of the challenges for the Democratic and Republican Parties especially that President Obama is very unpopular there and has lost to his rival Mitt Romney by 27%. The last elected governor of the state was also from the Republican Party.

Senator John Bennet, the chairman of Democratic Campaign, believes that Democrats are now in a great position to be part of the political side in West Virginia. Democrats were only able to have twenty seats during the last elections. Other states that Obama isn’t popular again are Montana, South Carolina, and Arkansas.

“I am more than confident that a Democrat will be elected next November,” Bennet said yesterday. Rockefeller is currently also the chairman of the Commerce Committee. He is also known for being very supportive to President Obama.

Rockefeller is mainly known for improving health care and insurance programs in the United States. Many citizens of the United States respect him because even though he is one of the wealthiest people, he still cared about low and middle class citizens. As a matter of fact, all his family are known for their political dynasty where his uncle was previously New York’s governor and his other uncle was Arkansas’s governor.

No one knows will Rockefeller’s place but what is obvious that there will be a very strong competition between the Republican and Democratic Party. The citizens of the United States will just have to wait and see who takes the position in the next few months.

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