Samsung releases new flexible screens

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Samsung introduced one of their newest creations today, a flexible screen that can be used for various products. Brian Berkeley, the vice president of Samsung, showcased the new screen yesterday at the international CES conference. The audience were very impressed with how the small screen can be bent. He demonstrated the screen using a long prototype device and then began explaining briefly how it works and how it can be used. A small video was then played that introduced everything future buyers need know. Another product was briefly introduced in the video as well that includes a small screen that rolls outside of a storage stick.

“These new screens and products were creating will end up changing how people use their devices and interact with them. This will open brand new lifestyles chances and will enable our partners to take advantage of new devices and systems,” Berkeley said during his speech last night.

Also during this speech, the president of Samsung, Stephen WOO, informed guests that a new processor called Exynos 5 will be released as well. The features of this processor include increasing the machine’s speed and extending the life of battery. The processor also utilizes a special type of technology known as ARM. To demonstrate this processor’s capabilities, he showed how fast it works during playing the game Need for Speed.

Samsung is considered to be one of the most important technological companies in the world right now. Their Galaxy smart phones are now considered to be the number one competition for the Apple iPhone. Samsung has also been recording high profits for the fourth quarter last year and has won a lawsuit against Apple last month. Technological experts believe that Samsung will still release other new products this year but is keeping quiet about it for now.

Galaxy has received great reviews all over the world and everyone is waiting for the new version of the phone to be released by the end of this month. One of the best features of the Galaxy phones is the camera and it is considered to be the best among all the other smartphones that are sold in the market right now. Samsung also haven’t explained whether the new screens will be added to the phones or not.

Shares of Samsung have been very stable during the past few months and experts in the stock market believe that there is a possibility that the shares will significantly increase when the new phone is released.

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