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Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) won’t just make the best cameras or offer the best imaging and sit tight. It also wants people to have the tools to develop better apps. NOK announced SDK, its Imaging Software Development Kit on the same day that the Nokia Lumia 1020 was unveiled. The message that it was beaming to developers was crystal clear- We are giving you the emperor of smartphone cameras- now unleash your creativity and impress us.

Currently, the SDK is in beta and totally free for download. The same technology that NOK uses for its imaging applications like Creative Studio and Smart Camera is what SDK is based on. This is the developer’s chance to innovate and create advanced-imaging experiences in the apps they create for the Lumia range of smartphones as well as with other devices that run on Windows.

Imagine and create

The SDK provides developers tools that they can create or apply filters, edit and adjust images and add effects. This is what will provide users the functionality to personalize their photos instantly. Developers like Path, SNAPCAM, Hipstamatic, Yelp, CNN, Panagraph and Foursquare have already started developing apps utilizing the SDK.

The SDK has several other benefits. It can be excruciatingly slow to work with full-resolution images and it is too expensive as well. The SDK technology keeps everything in a compact and compressed format so that functionality is speeded-up and processing is super-fast as well.

As far as Nokia is concerned, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Subsequent SDK releases will give developers access to additional functionality. In an effort to catch and hold the attention of developers and to encourage them to start using SDK, the company has also launched a competition called Nokia Future/capture. No matter what NOK does, it does it with panache.

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