Senator John Kerry is going to be confirmed faster than expected

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Senator John Kerry was successful in gliding through the confirmation hearing that took place yesterday. During the hearing, he pledged that he is going to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons. He also urged the Congress to finally end the gridlock they have over the economy of the United States. ‘’ When it comes to Iran, our foreign policy should be prevention, not containment, ‘’ Kerry told representative for the Senate during the hearing that took place for four hours.

Kerry also assured his colleagues in the Senate that he will do everything he can to keep American strong and resolve the congressional disputes that are taking place right now over the debt of the federal government. ‘’Our foreign policy is as important to me as our economic policy, ‘’ he explained. Senators from the Republican and Democratic parties have already predicated that John Kerry is going to be confirmed quickly. There were no strange incidents that took place in the hearing except when the police had to quickly remove several protestors who began telling over the policy of the United States towards countries in the Middle East.

After protestors were ejected, John Kerry insisted that different voices and opinions should always be heard; especially that he was a protestor himself during 1979. This was even his first appearance in front of the Congress. Senator Johnson criticized the administration of President Obama during the hearing for changing their stories several times about the Benghazi incidents. Hilary Clinton has argued over some of the talking points. John Kerry ended up defending her and informed Johnson that this isn’t the time or place.

John Kerry also started endorsing another nominee, Chuck Hagel who has also received some criticism from the Republican Party due to his views over Israel. Kerry doesn’t even need to defend himself or anyone as he has a long history of being a member in the foreign committee and travelling with President Obama several times during his trips to the Middle East.

One of the most important topics he will have to hand is the relationship and continuous feud between Israel and Palestinians and the changing relationship between the USA and Russia. So far, the Democratic Party, citizens of the United States, and President Obama himself have been very supportive of John Kerry. There is no question that the President trusts John Kerry and considers him to be one of the most important members of his team.

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