Social Media Giant Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Woos Advertisers

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For driving traffic to news providers and also for stepping up efforts against Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) launched a testing feature for the media companies that will enable them find content to post on its service.

The company mentioned in a blog post that, this new tool from Facebook suggests stories from sites of media companies like,, which could be posted on Facebook after high engagements shown by users. Where the company’s earlier offered data on what stories were doing well on the site, this feature will take further a positive stance in the direction of proposing content to post.

The California based social network site, has more than one billion users and is looking for new ways for attracting content from the organizations like media and news, particularly for transmitting breaking news and commenting on today’s issues on which Twitter has become a hub for it. Moreover Twitter is also considering the potentials to go public quickly.

As during the last week shares of Facebook and LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) posted gains in double digit percentage, it was a good time for investors to invest in social networking companies. As both the companies have the capability to get more money, and if they do that, the two companies’ recent profits will be negligible in comparison. After, last week’s strong performance, it will be difficult for investors to choose between the two companies, but their ability makes the apparently superior valuations worth it.

After the Facebook, Professional networking giant LinkedIn has also unveiled its new Apps recently. The company unveiled ‘Recruiter Mobile’ and ‘Mobile Work with Us’, which is an improved version of one of its current desktop features. Its two mobile recruiting products mainly focus at talent hunters and hiring managers.

The first app by LinkedIn, Recruiter Mobile is for Apple iOS, but with the help of special browser link provided by it, others can access it. With these new apps for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, the company’s growth into the new mobile segment is positive.

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