Sony seeks head start over Microsoft with new PlayStation 4

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Sony has intentions to promote their brand new PlayStation soon. This action, in their vision, should result in an advantage against the Xbox of Microsoft and possibly a re-enhancement of Sony’s electronics. Changes will include: a brand new interface, game streaming made available (similar as to what video streaming is, but for games) and video sharing. The new PS controller will be equipped with a camera and a touchpad.
Although Sony openly discussed about the new controller, no news were released about the new PlayStation. Most probably they want to avoid giving ideas to competitors. According to the official announcements of the Sony PlayStation 4, the all-new console should be available to be purchased towards the end of this year. Some of the games that are expected to be available are either Blizzard games or Ubisoft games. However, details such as prices, availability or the actual date from which it’s made available were not presented.
Some rumors have said that Microsoft will soon release a new version of the already famous Xbox 360. The Microsoft release is scheduled for this summer. Being significantly old in comparison with the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 did need a renewing. Xbox comes with enhanced connectivity and various other extras. Although these gaming consoles are going to be produced in the future as well, people involved with video game consoles have to compete with mobile device manufacturers.
Even if smartphones are not targeted to gaming specifically, the large smartphone and tablet manufacturing companies – Samsung and Apple – already own at least 10% of the world’s gamer market. Specialists claimed that these devices could meet or exceed the demand for the currently available gaming consoles, meant for gaming only. The first opinions, given by experts such as Billy Pidgeon on the new PlayStation are good and supportive. If things end up being what they are expected to be, the new Sony console should be a real hit!

Mobile strikes in, While gaming consoles have been very popular before the mobile devices started getting general attention, since the mobile generation is advancing, people are targeted towards the games available on smartphones and other devices. This is a hard challenge for both Sony and Microsoft.

As a solution, the PlayStation 4 would include a simple functionality by which smart mobile devices running Android as well as Apple devices become a secondary screen to the console. According to promises, the connectivity that comes with the new PlayStation is amazing. This means that mobile isn’t going to break down the new PlayStation.

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