T-Mobile making AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) go purple over “magenta”

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T-Mobile is suing AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) for using its trademarked color. The lawsuit is actually against Aio Wireless, an AT&T subsidiary. T-Mobile has alleged that AIO is using its trademarked magenta color to brand its new services. T-mobile says that this could confuse customers as color plays an important part in marketing and branding.

Customers associate a particular color with a certain brand and specifically if it is something as distinct as the magenta that T-mobile uses, it might pose to be an issue. The formal complaint read that despite the fact that Aio knew that magenta is T-mobile’s trademarked color, of all the colors of the spectrum, it used the color magenta to promote and advertise its own wireless services. Aio doesn’t use the AT&T orange-colored coverage map. Instead, it is using a magenta-colored coverage map that is very similar to the one that T-Mobile uses.

Later, a T-Mobile spokesperson said that AT&T has been trying to piggyback on the success that T-mobile has. He went onto say that this lawsuit has been filed to stop the company in its tracks on this front and to ensure that the T-Mobile’s powerful and well-recognized magenta network is protected

Interestingly, this is not the first time that the magenta-branded company has tried to stop others from using this color. The question that a lot of people are asking is – what exactly is the T-Mobile magenta? It’s not a specific shade and could cover an array of hues. As a matter of fact, a survey showed that T-Mobile itself had used various shades of magenta for its advertising. So maybe, if and when the case goes to trial, it will have to prove that AT&T used the exact same composition that it uses and then maybe it will win a vote in court. Till then, It will have to just scream off the rooftops and hope that customers and the market notice the difference between the two magenta’s.

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