Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd (NYSE:TSM) tying it up with 2.5/3D technologies

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Last week, the biggest contract chipmaker in the world, Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd (NYSE:TSM) posted its first monthly sales drop in five 5 months. The company said that there has been an increase in supply-chain inventory because sales of high-end PC’s and smartphones have been “lower-than-expected”.


Last month, there was a 3.6% drop in revenue to $1.74B (NT $52.13B) from the record NT $54.03M that it stood at in June. In comparison to the same quarter in the last year, revenue rose by 7.3% from NT48.57B. In July, the company had said that in this quarter there would be a sequential rise of 3.28% and 5.2% in this quarter, and will be in the range of NT $161B-NT$164B in comparison to the NT$155.89B that it stood at in the same quarter last year.

2013-end not bright

Last month, Morris Change, the TSM Chairman told investors that the build-up of inventory was an indicator that the last quarter of 2013 would be the lowest period. By the end of this quarter, the inventory that piles up with chip-designers is projected to increase to 71 days instead of the 68 days that had been forecasted 3 months ago.

United Microelectronics Corp, the local rival said last week that there had been a 7.43% rise in its revenue to NT$11.56B in July from the NT$10.76B that it stood at in June. This had touched an almost ten-year high. Annually, there was an 11.59% growth.

The company
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd (NYSE:TSM) is primarily involved in researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing IC, or Integrated Circuit products. It operates in two different business segments- Foundry and other. The foundry business segment is involved in the manufacture, sale, testing and packaging of IC as well as other semiconductor devices. It is also involved in the manufacture of masks.

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