The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) the coolest and greenest one

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Hardly a week ago, The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) launched a new bottle. Well nothing too mentionable in that except that this time, the bottle is crafted entirely from ice. At the moment this “cool” bottle is available only in Columbia. The marketing campaign has been stressing on the environment friendly design as the bottle simply melts once the coke has been consumed. Who said coke bottles have to be thrown away or recycled?

Ice bottle coke selling like hot cakes

The ad is as unique as the bottle itself. One of the Spanish ads for the bottle of ice or Botello di Heilo shows people on the beach enjoying their ice cold cokes under the blazing sun. And then they simply let the empty bottles melt away into the sand. The bottles have red rubber labels around their middle, which prevents frozen fingers. Once the bottle has melted the rubber labels can be used as snap bracelets. Apparently, coke vendors at beaches in Columbia have been selling an average of 265 bottles an hour.

From cool to green

On the heels of this cool bottle is the latest green bottle. The Atlanta-based soda maker wants to now do more for the environment and has moved from being red hot to ice chilled to cool green. The company has very recently introduced a “natural” cola in Argentina. It’s made with a mixture of Stevia and sugar. Stevia is a natural extract that is acquired from the leaves of a chrysanthemum family shrub that is a native of Latin America. The classic coke logo and design is all the same, except that now it’s green in color.

This drink has been positioned somewhere in between the low cal Diet Coke which is called Coke Light in Argentina, and the standard Coke. Apart from just the labeling that is green, Coca Cola Life is going to be bottled in the exclusive PlantBottle. This bottle is made out of 30% plant material and is 100% recyclable. This container had also been awarded the DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation. KO sure likes to package its drinks in style.

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