The power of First Solar, Inc (NASDAQ:FSLR)’s value

Posted by Peter Lauro August 14, 2013 0 Comment 1566 views

Very recently, First Solar, Inc (NASDAQ:FSLR) and General Electric announced a partnership. GE’s technology will be used in tandem with FSLR’s solar technology to build large scale solar farms. As far as the solar company’s stakeholders are concerned, this information can have different connotations.

Via this deal, FSLR has acquired General Electric’s global cadmium-telluride solar intellectual-property portfolio. In lieu of this, FSLR granted GE 1.75M common stock shares which the latter will retain for a minimum of 3 years. In addition, this partnership includes commercial cooperation of FSLR’s module and General Electric’s inverter.

The risk taker

GE’s solar inverter business was started not nw pharmacy com canada very long ago and it currently is in early-stages of development. From women taking viagra one perspective, the risk that it takes in terms of commercial cooperation and technology development as well as an impact on its business as a whole, is much higher. Many a times, long-term investors tend to overlook a dismal quarter in their pet holding as nothing more than a deviation. The thought behind this being that true investors need not be hassled over it and that the Wall Street traders are the ones who can crease their brow casino over it.

Dismal earnings report

Owing to an earnings miss, FSLR dipped 15%. Its EPS was $0.39 in comparison to the average analyst estimate of $0.56/share. Though the margins sort of matched-up doses of viagra to expectations, revenue stood only

at $510M, which was around $200M below analysts’ projections and management had to lower its 2013 guidance.

Great-value or viagra vs cialis vs levitra comparison value-trap?

There is always a debate around whether FSLR is not more than a value-trap or whether it actually provides great value. In recent buy viagra online times there has been the subsidy from some of its key markets has reduced the value of its stock and it has been increasingly difficult for the company to garner profits. This is one company that is modestly levered and if solar energy continues being a viable business, FSLR will definitely turn out to be a winning option.

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