The Tegra line to add a roar to NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA)

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In the mobile processor space, NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) has tried very hard to wedge itself into a spot that for long has been occupied by Qualcomm. The former released its Tegra 3 that experienced a certain degree of success. Very notably, it shouldered its way into the Tesla model S console and the Surface RT. The Tegra 4 launch was delayed to make a spot for the Tegra 4i.

The Tegra 5

This version has a built in LTE modem. Some of the first devices that flaunt the Tegra4 are just emerging in the market. But what will actually make or break the game for Tegra is its nest launch, the Tegra 5. It will be featuring the Kepler graphics core. This is the same core that is in the desktop GPU’s. It has advanced features and will support GPU computing. The Tegra % is scheduled to be launched in the Q2 of 2014 and its unparalleled graphics performance is all set to crush the competition.

The gaming game

The PC market as a whole has been dwindling at an alarming pace but the company’s GPU market is still going strong. The main reason being that though fewer people use PC’s nowadays, the fact is that a larger number of people are gravitating towards online gaming. This necessitates that the PC’s be outfitted with high-end graphics cards. It is just not possible to play Pc games with low-end cards or with integrated graphics. Consequently, gamers are compelled to upgrade to prohibitively expensive high-margin GPU’s.

The demand that can be

Since PC games will always advance, they will also demand upgraded GPU’s. However, right now the mobile gaming world is a little different. It is possible to download any game on an Android device and play it irrespective of what the underlying hardware is. The Tegra line has powerful graphics, but to date, it has not really been able to provide any notable advantage against the competition.

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