United Airlines is planning to use Boeing Dreamliner early

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United Airlines announced that they are planning to start flying the new Boeing Dreamliner a couple of days sooner than expected. This is obviously a sign that United Airlines is completely confident that the return of the jet is going to successful after it was previously grounded due to serious safety concerns. The Airlines also stated that they are planning to use the new jet for their route from Denver to Houston during May 31.

The airlines are also going to make several changes to their schedules as the modification work and testing process becomes clearly. Last February, United Airlines decided to drop the new planes from their schedule but made an exception to the previously mentioned route. Other airlines also dropped the jet from their schedules and this explained why Boeing has been suffering from a serious loss in their profit ever since the new jet was banned. The main reason why it was banned was due to the batteries continuously getting overheated and this took place with two different planes in two countries.

The DAA as previously gave Boeing permission to start testing the new batteries they manufactured and so far these tests have proven to be successful. Last Friday, FAA announced that they are planning on receiving the final results of the tests and they will use them to make the final decision. Other airlines that are going to use the new jet include Nippon Airways in Japan and LOT airways in Poland. However, they both stated that they aren’t going to use them until June as this will give them enough time to test the planes themselves as well.

United Airlines shares increased by 0.1% today to reach $30.1 during the trading process. Boeing shares continued decreasing today by 0.4% and reached $86. This is obviously a sign that things are finally going back to track for the airlines company even if their profit and value of their stock is still decreasing. Airline safety is a very crucial matter in the world and many experts believe that Boeing is still lucky that other airlines are still interested in purchasing their planes until now.

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