USEC Inc. (NYSE:USU) Up 18.54%, Renren Inc. (NYSE:RENN) Up 11.82%

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Northern, WI 05/06/2013 (GDPInsider) –  USEC Inc. (NYSE:USU) opened trading today at 0.36 and quickly rallied. The stock is up 18.54% on trading volume of 534.43K and a range of 0.35 and 0.40. USEC Inc. operates in the now controversial uranium energy sector and supplies low enriched uranium (LEU) to commercial nuclear plants around the world. In all USEC supplies LEU to 150 nuclear reactors around the world.

The company is set to host a Webcast conference call on May 7, 2013 at 8:30 a.m. ET and the markets seem to be anticipating this release of information. The stock has been trending down in price since January 2013 and investors seem to be getting some respite from that downward trend. The present uptick started near the end of April and seems to be moving northward. The stock has climbed above its 50-day simple moving average by 3.87% and is up 22.80% on its 20-day simple moving average. USU is trading 37.83% above its 52-week low of 0.29 but is down 65.54% on its 52-week high of 1.16. No definitive target price has been set and the stock has a RSI of 62.54.

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Renren Inc. (NYSE:RENN) is up 11.82% in trading today having opened at 2.85. The stock had a previous close of 3.07 and is presently trading on volume of 2.07 million. With a range of 2.85 and 3.09 RENN is trading 21.83% above its 52-week low of 2.52 and down 54.92% on its 52-week high of 6.81.

Renren Inc. operates a social network of the same name which accommodates a gaming platform, a professional social networking section and a Groupon-like buying service called Nuomi. Analysts have set a target price for the stock at 3.63 and many believe that as RENN continues to ride the growth of social, gaming and mobile in China, things will only get better. The company has around 178 million active users on its platform and is reporting a 47% increase in unique logins per month. The stock seems ready for bigger things and is currently trading 6.36% above its 50-day simple moving average and 10.65% above its 20-day simple moving average.

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