Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE:VZ) – Whats that “Vumber” you’re calling from?

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On Thursday, the Obama government took a defensive stand on its collection of literally millions of telephone records and said that it was all a part of the government’s counter-terrorism efforts. This came post a secret court order that was published in Britain’s Guardian newspaper. The order had authorized the collection of phone-records that had been generated by customers of Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE:VZ). And all of a sudden, Americans have begun fearing that the United States government can very easily access all their records and find out who they are calling.

The counter efforts

Every action will have one to counter it and many mobile users now have various software options that can mask their calling records. But information specialists are of the opinion that if the government really wishes to get any information, they will end up acquiring it. Experts say that though there are numerous services that can be used to turn a number into an anonymous one, or hide the location where a person is making the call from, the government can very easily eke out the information they need. A large number of people are opting for “Vumber”.

What’s your Vumber?

No, that’s not a typographical error. It is a number with a “V”. This app is a Virtual number and a user can connect several numbers to one number. It can be used to protect your privacy while doing business or while dating, for example. Vumber works on absolutely any phone. There are no downloads, computers, data plans or secret codes. The user can just give their contacts the new number and when they call you they wouldn’t know what the actual number on that particular device is.

If the user returns the call they will just see the new Vumber on their CID display. Vumber is about privacy protection. However, though no average person will be able to trace the user’s number, the company holds that information and may release it to the law enforcement agencies if they are requested to do so. Burner is another similar tool but it doesn’t promise any encryption. Silent Circle on the other hand is an encrypted tool. And so, just as technology unravels its power, the government will flex its muscles when it wants to and in most probability companies like Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE:VZ) will have to comply.

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