What’s the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Kinect disconnect all about?

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Not very long ago, it seemed like Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) was failing the XBox fans. Initially, the price was considered to be too high for what was on offer. Post that, there was a furor over MSFT not permitting reselling of games. Then the argument about the requirement for the Xbox to be online at all times, with no “turn-off” option was another harbinger of a brewing storm.

The company managed to address some of these issues while it’s not really clear whether the others are going to be considered at all. Another major point of dissent amongst hard core gamers was the Kinect system that was almost an appendage of the Xbox 360.

Xbox now in two bundles?

Now, the grapevine has it that MSFT will be offering two different Xbox One bundles. The standard version will be the “budget” one and will not have Kinect added to it. However, it will have a smaller hard-drive that will be positioned in such a manner that the Xbox will underbid its rival, the PS4. The rumor also is that these bundles are slated for a 2014 summer release but the 2 bundle story has not been confirmed yet.

Kinect, disconnect

This development has turned into an interest point. Just because MSFT is now rumored to be excluding the Kinect from certain bundles does not automatically mean that the company will be or already has altered the Xbox Interface to permit access without Kinect as an obvious option. Expert gamers still feel that the device will need Kinect to operate optimally. What this simply means is that if Kinect is not included in the bundle, it will have to sold individually. The nest logical question is, was that what the users were thinking or was it a tactic to have the price axed?

The premise itself is an interesting one. Overall, hardcore gamers do not like Kinect, but the company may still release the Xbox One with the requirement of the Kinect. It all seems a little too complicated at the moment but he disconnect is very evident. So, will someone tell us what exactly Microsoft is up to?

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