When virility is VIVUS Inc (NASDAQ:VVUS)’s business

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When virility is VIVUS, Inc (NASDAQ:VVUS)’s business

On 19 June, VIVUS, Inc (NASDAQ:VVUS) announced positive results from TA-501, a placebo-controlled, multi-center study results that proved STENDRA (Avanafil)’s efficacy within 15 minutes for sexual activity in men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This study has been designed to assess the efficacy of the drug. In the study, patients who used STENDRA indicated a statistically significant improvement over the placebo.

Exactly how relevant is this drug in today’s world?

There is an increasingly growing market opportunity for ED treatments. In 2012, global sales exceeded $5.5B. An estimated 52% of men in the 40-70 years age range are affected by ED and age only increases its prevalence. If left untreated, ED tends to negatively impact self-esteem and relationships. Resultantly, it causes feelings of guilt and embarrassment. However, about 50% of men being treated with PDE5 inhibitors that are currently available are not satisfied with the results of the treatment.

The ED issue

ED is a sensitive topic that causes a lot of distress and embarrassment. However, it is also a very common disorder. An estimated 52% of men over the age of 40 years experience either occasional or frequent difficulties. Medications, drinking too much alcohol, chronic illnesses like diabetes and mental health problems or stress can cause or even worsen erectile dysfunction. General health is important for normal sexual function. Men suffering from long-standing medical conditions such as kidney failure or chronic liver disease often suffer from  ED. It is very common for diabetic men to develop ED due to damage to nerves and small blood vessels in the pelvis.

Age, in itself is not necessarily a cause of ED. However, it is often associated with various health changes that culminate in ED. The older population has a greater rate of impotence than most problems that are more common in older men. This includes high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, small blood vessel damage, depression, diabetes and sleep apnea. There is increasing evidence that ED may really be a cardiovascular disease (a leading cause of death worldwide) symptom. This is because ED may indicate poor blood flow or a blood vessel problem which are commonly associated with heart problems. And so, when companies like VIVUS, Inc (NASDAQ:VVUS) develop ED drugs the medical spectrum that they cover is a much broader one.

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