Will Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Xbox One be No.1?

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Sony have their consoles drawn and will do absolutely all they can to top the 2013 sequel of the video-game console battle. Microsoft went soft after all the criticism and opposition it faced over its pricing and restrictions on the Xbox One, made some changes and appeased Xbox fans. The early missteps have hopefully left not more than a dent on the company.

Sony played smarter, priced its console $100 below the Xbox price and had no restrictive content licenses either. Then, it seemed like there would be no second round for Microsoft at all. But Xbox had to do a quick switch, apologize to fans and remove restrictions. In addition to that there is news that the company will also now have two different Xbox One bundles, one without Kinect, which will be priced lower and the original one at the announced price.

Counting costs

Even after all this rigmarole, Microsoft’s console is still more expensive than the PS4 and waiting and watching is all the company can do right now. Many analysts feel that Xbox is on the track to winning. Some others ran a check on the supply chains of both companies and reached the conclusion that MSFT may have a 2X3 times unit advantage over Sony, at the time of launch. This is one victory that cannot be overlooked.

Core strength is what counts

The company is already a software giant but another very important fact is that Microsoft is dead serious about hardware as well. Its software base is decades strong and is built on the Windows and Office Suite pillars. Isn’t that how Bill Gates got the Dow Jones membership card? No matter what other avenues it experiments in, this is still the company’s core strength and Xbox or no Xbox, MSFT will almost always be Number One.

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