Will Twitter give Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) A Run For Its Advertisers?

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The entire face of technology is changing and social networking and microblogging sites have taken the world by storm. Today people love innovation in technology and have taken to it like fish take to water. And so, even when they watch their favorite shows and games on television they tweet about it in real time. Users will all be sitting in their own respective homes and watch a touchdown of a game and will simultaneously be sharing reactions and opinions.

As far as Twitter is concerned, this is a very conducive trend as networks and advertisers are sitting up and taking notice.

The short and sweet tweet

An eMarketer analyst, Debra Williamson said that the micro-blogging site creates bonding between people in much the same way that Facebook does. But the latter works on a very different concept from twitter. Twitter is very real time and crisp and a little less time consuming only because of the limitation in the number of characters that can be in every tweet.


The company is now blazing ahead towards its Initial Public Offering. Apart from this, it is hard at work trying to ingrain itself into the television advertising economy. Over the past few months, Twitter has built up partnerships with various television content owners like MTV, CBS and NFL via its Amplify program. Via this platform, the owners are able to beam programs real time to Twitter Users. Facebook has also been trying to woo advertisers and launched advertising on Instagram that it acquired very recently.

Another advantage of the platform is that marketers are able to communicate with their viewers who are watching ads on television and the commercial pitches automatically get a wider reach when they are aired to tablets and smartphones. And so, Twitter is all set to create a stronger advertising a base for itself before it moves forth with its IPO.

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