Windstream Corporation (NASDAQ:WIN) adding “Aura” with Avaya

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Last week, a prominent advanced network communications provider, Windstream Corporation (NASDAQ:WIN) announced in Orlando, that it is in talks with Avaya for expansion of its managed Unified Communications service offerings. These will include Avaya Aura, the latter’s award-winning communication solutions suite in a cloud-based, fully-managed, solution. In doing so, businesses will be able to access features as well as functionality from very advanced UC, desktop and mobile collaboration to messaging as well as other applications. These will be made available in a subscription-based, scalable service.

Via this collaborative effort customers will be able to access company-wide, people-centered collaborations. It will also help support fully-unified communications as well as contact-center solutions. All of these will be available in a flexible and simple product offering that will match the needs of SMB’s. When services such as these are bundled, customers can move more efficiently via unified communications and services like unified messaging, desktop video, analog or VoIP lines and numerous other mobility solutions can be included. Many other Windstream products offer similar functionality. This particular collaborative product offers customers 24×7 onsite and remote monitoring and support.

Why are advanced communication systems relevant?

Communication tools are not used just in the home or office. They are used just about anywhere. You might use them while you are driving, lunching at a restaurant or walking through a park. Businesses today are becoming increasingly ‘virtual’. What this means is that it is not necessary for all those who want to collaborate with each other, to be at the same place at the same time. Many businesses operate on a decentralized model and a large amount of work gets done online and via virtual tools. However, different people in different locations may be using different technologies and integration is what will offer optimization.

What is Unified Communications?

That is what will make communication effective and efficient, from a technical and an economical standpoint.  Currently, many companies use separate hardware and services for phone, instant messaging, video conferencing, fax etc. Integrating all of these into one single service using minimum hardware is what unified communications is all about. Simply put, unified communications is the link between computer-related communication technologies and VoIP.

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