Yahoo Ends “Work from Home” Options

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In the present times, working from home is indeed a great way of earning money. In lines to this trend, nearly 10 % of the US residents are now engaged in carrying out their jobs from home. That’s not all, as the numbers of these employees is also increasing with every day that passes by. Unfortunately, there is some bad news for these people and for all those who were planning to make use of this mode of employment. The Tech Tycoon, Yahoo, has now announced that this practice is going to be ended this year in the month of June.

Yahoo is trying to rationalize its decision by saying that this step has been taken for fostering the element of collaboration. No matter what the company says, this decision is going to heavily influence the lives of those workers and employees who live in remote places and have no chances of gaining access to the telecom centres and workplaces. In this regard a home based employee, a 36 year old mother, Lopa Pal, said that this is mode of employment is their only way to earn make life possible for her family in the area in which the she currently resides. She also added that she doesn’t care about the location from where you do the work, all the matters is that the work is done with high levels of efficacy and commitment.

On the other hand, Jackie Reses, the head of the company’s HR department, asserted that this decision is going to guarantee a better collaboration and interdependence between the different employees, as our prime goal is to become more efficient and productive than ever. She continued by saying that in order to ensure that our business goals are met with top levels of priority, it is imperative that all the employees should be present in the offices and the designated communication centres.

Surely, Yahoo has been struggling for the past many years. This fact can be better understood by considering the number of workers, including some top notch CEOs, the company has fired in a matter of a few years. But the hiring of Marissa Mayer last year as the new CEO has been proved to be fruitful for Yahoo, as the stock prices are now up by more than 50 %. But all other competitors seem to be skeptical of this decision, but only time will judge the impact of this decision in the tech world.

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