Yahoo! Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO)’s new logo to make brand look go-go

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Over the next one month, Yahoo! Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO) will be showcasing one new logo everyday on its homepage as well as across its network in the U.S. on 5 September, YHOO will select one of these creations as its official new logo.

Marissa Mayer took over the CEO reins last year and the company has literally turned over a new page since. It acquired Tumblr, overhauled its product offering, aligned itself with twitter and refurbished its homepage. However, the one thing that has remained stagnant over the past 18 years, it’s purple “Y!” logo, which is a reflection of its identity. Now Yahoo is looking for a refreshing change and wants a logo that will be a reflection of its innovative spirit.

The perfect time for a change

In a statement, Kathy Savitt, Yahoo’s Chief Marketing Officer said that it was high time that YHOO re-designed its logo and moved to one that would be a reflection of its resuscitated sense of progress and it purpose. She said that the Yahoo team now wants everything at company to be a reflection of its innovation quotient.

The entire tech world as well as users are eager to see the new improved Yahoo logo. However, the company said that though the typeface may be changed, the trademark purple color and its iconic exclamation point with the signature yodel will remain unchanged. The vibrancy, fun and welcoming features that are the trademark of the company will always be their style-statement.

The innovation overhaul

A mere logo change cannot change the perception about a company but since the time Mayer took over control, YHOO stock has surged over 70% and the company’s quarterly results have been encouraging. It has a tough fight ahead with its competitors, Google and Facebook but a new outlook, and a new look logo is an indication of where the company is headed.

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