Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) swinging its way into ACER PC’s, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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Pokki is working with Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) and ACER  to build games application for the latter’s PCs. Going forward, anyone who purchases a Windows 8 Acer Personal Computer, will find a preloaded ACER Games app on the device. The portal was built by the SweetLabs’ Pokki platform and will be running it for the computer maker. The Zynga partnership will help Pokki get the company’s games on this platform. Apart from Zynga, the platform will also have Kabam games on the next generation Windows 8 devices. These innovative out-of-the-box games are a great value add to the device. Though a lot of people say that the PC’s days are numbered, people are not really throwing out their computers out of the window just yet.

However, Zynga knows that the future of gaming lies in mobile phones and most of its players are from mobile devices. A couple of years ago the company had only 20 people who were focused only on mobile gaming, but now a major part of Zynga is centered around it. In the Q3, the gaming company has restructured itself to a “mobile-first” focus.

Google and the gaming business

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), Android’s parent company, is also forging ahead to increase the operating systems’ gaming capabilities. Google Play game services were unveiled by the company in May, at the company’s I/O Conference.

Android upgrades now permit developers to incorporate numerous popular features such as real-time, leader-boards, online match-making, achievements as well as cloud-based saving. Users of mobile devices are increasingly using them for gaming. As a matter-of-fact, people end up spending more time gaming via their mobile devices than most other functions. Smartphone users spend around 39% on gaming while 67% of the time is spent on tablets.

Gaming and Android

The influx of tablets and smartphones has made gaming very popular and mobile gaming is in a niche that is quite separate from traditional PC and console games.

However, new devices such as Ouya and NVIDIA’s SHEILD are now blurring that line as well. Android, in combination with Google’s own initiatives, has the potential to lead to Android turning into a major video-game platform. In retrospect that may help Android wage its war against Apple’s iOS with added fervor.

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